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Come out ahead of changing industry dynamics with powerful, actionable market intelligence

Between the COVID-19 crisis, the shift to e-commerce and the emergence of Direct to Consumer sales, the beauty and personal care industry is undergoing massive change. 

With AI-powered advanced analytics that connects and harmonizes the largest unstructured external data set relevant to this market and smart contextual engines, Beauty and Personal Care executives gain powerful insights on emerging trends, white space opportunities and quantifiable predictions for the future. With direct API and data mart integrations into existing business intelligence environments, Beauty and Personal Care brands can now leverage the power of external data to answer critical business questions and drive sustainable growth.

Increase the impact of data across the enterprise

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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Connect disparate data sets and align insights to your business strategy, all in a single analytics platform.

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Consumer & Market Insights

Consumer & Market Insights

Gain faster time to insight with continually connected and contextualized external data sets.

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Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Drive growth and market leadership by uncovering white space opportunities.

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Brand & Marketing

Brand & Marketing

Enhance brand positioning and optimize campaign performance by tapping into real consumer sentiment.

Our platform helps the world’s leading Beauty and Personal Care brands navigate the new market landscape, tying together online and offline sales, voice of the consumer, product reviews, product listings, key opinion leaders, patents, and other signals of innovation to provide a holistic view of the market.



With more than 100 analytic models, you can examine new opportunities, key influencer discussions, signals of innovation like patent filings and more, tying the data to your business objectives.  

Granular analysis of consumer discussions and key opinion leader posts yields an understanding of purchase drivers by channel, generating powerful insights that translate into winning marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Using patented NLP and AI technologies, Signals Analytics surfaces consumer preferences down to the ingredient level, give you insight on how to formulate new products or reformulate existing products that will lead the market. 

We continuously refresh our data, allowing for fast and timely detection of emerging trends and untapped opportunities that can impact M&A strategies.

Our platform uses patented nlp with curated, category-specific taxonomies to connect unstructured external data and surface powerful trends and predictive insights 

  • Product Listings
  • Reviews
  • Social Media Posts
  • Point-of-sale Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Patent Filings
  • Competitive Activities
  • Key Influencer Posts



Our platform surfaces actionable intelligence

  • Unmet and hidden consumer needs and wants
  • Origins, evolution, and associations surrounding a trend
  • Cross-category interactions
  • Optimum product formulations 
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) assessments
  • Consumer sentiments across multiple channels 
  • Emerging research and innovations
  • Competitive developments 

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