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Winning marketing strategies begin with strong market intelligence

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Optimize messaging to resonate with your audience

Optimize messaging to resonate with your audience

Uncover the benefits and features consumers seek to optimize positioning and messaging for your brand.

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Assess brand positioning relative to the market

Assess brand positioning relative to the market

Gain an unbiased view of consumer sentiment and perception towards your brand across different channels.

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Get in front of emerging threats and market shifts

Get in front of emerging threats and market shifts

Detect emerging threats and changes in market dynamics to stay ahead of the competition.

Configurable analytics to maximize your marketing performance

Rather than conducting market research surveys and relying solely on internal marketing performance metrics to define your future, leverage our configurable data platform to derive meaningful insights that can inform your marketing strategy.  From the billions of data points generated each day, our platform separates the signals from noise, surfacing the ones most relevant to you.

Holistic & connected view

Tap into a multitude of data sets, from the voice of the consumer, market landscape, and innovation indicators, for holistic market intelligence to give your brand a competitive edge.


Go beyond social listening

Signals Analytics goes beyond traditional analytics and social listening platforms, continually connecting over 13,000 disparate data sets with the ability to ingest additional data from other sources including first-party internal data, and third-party data, such as Nielsen, IRI, Brandwatch and others.

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Deep industry expertise

Combining our patented NLP with deep industry expertise drives highly accurate classification that extracts true meaning and intent from a vast range of external data sources.


Configured to your business needs

Adapt and enrich taxonomies, data sources, and visualizations to configure the platform to your specific business needs.

Sample Taxonomy - Skincare
Advanced analytics at your fingertips

Our connected data sets and configurable taxonomies come to life with our comprehensive suite of analytic apps designed to answer key strategic and tactical business questions.

Measure consumer perception and sentiment, detect emerging trends and growth drivers, boost competitive differentiation, and much more.


Natively integrate into your own data environment

Leverage our API to access the connected and contextualized data to conduct analytics within your existing processes and workflows.

With our data mart integration, create your own models and visualizations in your business intelligence environment.

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Boosting marketing outcomes with advanced analytics

Despite the significant amount of time and resources spent on analytics, many marketers lack the holistic view of their market needed to drive marketing success and business impact. The featured blog highlights how advanced analytics powered by cutting-edge NLP and AI closes this gap with actionable market intelligence to inform your marketing strategy.

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The first-to-market combination of Signals Analytics' AI-powered advanced analytics platform and Kenshoo’s renowned marketing activation and measurement technology is designed to connect insights and action like never before. Make more of your marketing investments, make business decisions that aren't based on guesswork, and put your brand on top.

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