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Actionable intelligence to drive business growth

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Surface trends & white space opportunities

Surface trends & white space opportunities

Uncover the trends and attributes driving growth in your ecosystem to guide product decisions.

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Accurately capture the voice of the consumer

Accurately capture the voice of the consumer

Monitor portfolio performance with an unbiased view of consumer sentiment and perception.

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Save time with data collection and  analysis

Save time with data collection and analysis

Achieve faster time-to-insight with analytic models built to answer key business questions.

Uncover actionable market intelligence and drive winning business outcomes

Our platform gives you foresight and helps answer tough questions, sifting through market information and consumer discussions to surface white space opportunities, new strategic directions and niche areas for the business.

Holistic & connected view

Tap into a multitude of data sets, from the voice of the consumer, market landscape, and innovation indicators, for a multi-dimensional perspective of your product category and the broader ecosystem.


Go beyond social listening

Signals Analytics goes beyond traditional analytics and social listening platforms, continually connecting over 13,000 disparate data sets with the ability to ingest additional data from other sources including first-party internal data, and third-party data, such as Nielsen, IRI, Brandwatch and others.

Data Wheel - FMCG-1
Deep industry expertise

Combining our patented NLP with deep industry expertise drives highly accurate classification. Our proprietary taxonomies built to the specificity of each unique category delivers granularity of insight, down to the benefits, features, ingredients, and other category attributes.


Configured to your business needs

Adapt and enrich taxonomies, data sources, and visualizations to configure the platform to your specific business needs.

Sample Taxonomy - Skincare
Advanced analytics at your fingertips

Our connected data sets and configurable taxonomies come to life with our comprehensive suite of analytic apps designed to answer key strategic and tactical business questions.

Surface cross-category dynamics, detect emerging trends and growth drivers, track the voice of the consumer, and much more.


Natively integrate into your own data environment

Leverage our API to access the connected and contextualized data to conduct analytics within your existing processes and workflows.

With our data mart integration, create your own models and visualizations in your business intelligence environment.

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Transforming the World of CMI - Featured Blog

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How advanced analytics is transforming the world of consumer & market insights

Advanced analytics is transforming the world of consumer market insights. The featured blog focuses on how CMI organizations can benefit from the latest developments in advanced analytics to understand shifting business drivers and surface predictions that translate into successful business outcomes. 

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