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All the elements of a data fabric in one configurable advanced analytics platform

Data Collection – Data Classification – Data Access

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Harmonize disparate data sets in a single platform

Harmonize disparate data sets in a single platform

Ingest any source into the platform at any scale, reducing the effort needed to collect or manage data.

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Configure the platform to your enterprise needs

Configure the platform to your enterprise needs

Stand up full-scale analytics aligned with your business leveraging flexible taxonomies and full configurability.

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On-demand insights and flexible integrations

On-demand insights and flexible integrations

Access the data via our suite of analytic apps or natively in your own business intelligence environment.

Generate a single point of truth for the organization with connected data

Given limited data science, machine learning and analyst resources, analytics are often difficult to implement successfully. Our award-winning platform puts this all within reach, providing fully configurable data, taxonomies, analytic apps and integrations - so you can focus your efforts on applying the insights within your organization.

Holistic & connected view

Tap into the largest, most diverse range of data sets, connected in a single, unified platform. Data is cleansed, augmented, normalized, and clustered using ML engines for holistic market intelligence. 


Go beyond social listening

Signals Analytics goes beyond traditional analytics and social listening platforms, continually connecting over 13,000 disparate data sets with the ability to ingest additional data from other sources including first-party internal data, and third-party data, such as Nielsen, IRI, Brandwatch and others.

Data Wheel - FMCG-1
Deep industry expertise

Semantic data classification with our patented NLP and auto ML drives unprecedented quality with over 90% accuracy. Our proprietary taxonomies built to the specificity of each unique category delivers both depth and breadth of insight.


Configured to your business needs

Support the needs of the entire enterprise with end-to-end configuration. Adapt and enrich taxonomies, data sources, and visualizations for the best of both build and buy.

Sample Taxonomy - Skincare
Advanced analytics at your fingertips

Our connected data sets and configurable taxonomies come to life with our comprehensive suite of analytic apps designed to answer key strategic and tactical business questions.


Natively integrate into your own data environment

Leverage our API to access the connected and contextualized data to conduct analytics within your existing processes and workflows.

With our data mart integration, create your own models and visualizations in your business intelligence environment.

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Build or Buy - Rounded Corners

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The classic it conundrum in the world of advanced analytics: build or buy?

Although the ability to leverage data is well-established as a major attribute of successful companies, only 31% of organizations consider themselves to be data-driven. But with today’s innovations in AI and NLP, the power of advanced analytics is now within reach of organizations even without an army of data scientists. This raises an important question: Build or Buy?

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