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Connect our platform to your business intelligence

Chances are you have made some investment in analytics so far. But it is likely limited to managing internal data sources. Our API and Data Mart integration tools take you to the next level enabling you to harness the power of external data, natively in your own business intelligence environment.


Leverage the power of a fully connected and contextualized external data set configured to your business directly at your fingertips. Once our analytics are in your enterprise system, you can fuse them with all your existing processes and workflows. This enables your business leaders to have a unified view of market trends and voice of the customer in tandem with your actual performance, so you can better connect business intelligence to business strategy.

The Signals Analytics API gives you access to:

  • A wide range of continually refreshed connected external data sets
  • Category-specific configurable taxonomies
  • Streamlined analytics



Data mart

One of the hardest parts of external data analytics is collecting and connecting the data sources themselves. Use our data mart integration to easily access more than 13,000 different data sources, made up of Voice of the Consumer, Product Claims and Attributes, Business Updates and Announcements, and other Signals of Innovation, with a single connection and create your own models and visualizations in your business intelligence environment. Normalized data schemas are exported via Snowflake to allow you to create visualizations either from a single data source or multiple data sources.



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