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Addressing COVID-19 Mental Health Concerns with Product Innovation & Positioning

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COVID-19 continues to dominate the conversation, driving consumers to increasingly turn to products to strengthen their defenses against not only physical, but also mental strains of the ongoing pandemic.

As a result, we are seeing an overall uptick in Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements (VMS) surrounding COVID-19. Immunity is a major concern across the board as expected with high growth as well as significant volume of discussion within the VMS segment. Last week, we covered immune health within food and beverage in our Rapid Insights. Read the Rapid Insights to learn more about the white space opportunities in food and beverage.

Consumer concerns, however, span much beyond immunity. With much of the world either practicing social distancing or fighting the virus in the front-lines, compounded by uncertainty from both a health and economic perspective, consumer demand for products to combat these mental pressures is rising.

Leveraging our advanced analytics platform, our solutions consultants took a look at which concerns within the VMS segment are gaining the most momentum and what brands can do to help ease these concerns and drive business growth with smart activation. In this post, we uncover the key topics arising out of this global crisis and identify the attributes brands can incorporate into their products and messaging to appeal to these critical needs across consumer goods - spanning food, beverage, VMS, personal care, and more.

Detecting Growing Consumer Needs with Data Analytics

Increasing Discussion Around COVID-19 in Vitamins, Minerals, & Supplements
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in January, consumers have been actively seeking ways to boost their health as reflected by growing consumer discussion around COVID-19 in the VMS category. COVID-19 discussions month-to-date in March have already surpassed the volume of posts in February and January by 17 times and 3 times respectively.


Source: Signals Analytics Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements, May 1, 2019 to March 15, 2020 US Data


Topics Associated with COVID-19 in VMS
The word map below shows the benefits, features, and ingredients consumers associate with COVID-19. These attributes are opportunities brands can capitalize on in product development and marketing to address this growing consumer need.


Source: Signals Analytics Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements, US Data


COVID-19 Raising Concerns About Mental Health
Consumers are not only worried about their physical health, they are also concerned for their mental health as reflected in the 58% increase year-to-date in discussion surrounding Mood & Stress, Relaxation, and Sleep benefits. Aligning your product portfolio and messaging with these benefits will resonate with consumers in search of a solution during these difficult times.


Source: Signals Analytics Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements, Comparing March 1st to 15th versus January 1st to 15th, 2020, US Data


Hemp and CBD May be the Answer
An ingredient that is gaining traction to combat these concerns is Hemp and CBD. Hemp and CBD have been experiencing significant growth in the past two years, even before COVID-19 came front and center. However, as conversations around COVID-19 pick up, Hemp and CBD are continuing to see significant lifts in discussion with 116% growth month-to-date, compared to two months prior to the emergence of COVID-19. Download our cross-industry analysis of CBD for more insights on the opportunities and challenges in adopting CBD into your product portfolio.


Source: Signals Analytics Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements, Comparing March 1st to 15th versus January 1st to 15th, 2020, US Data


The Power of AI in Advanced Analytics

Surfacing timely and accurate insights like this at scale requires significant resources and technological capabilities, requiring seamless collection and connection of trillions of data points and high accuracy extraction of context. Signals Analytics uses AI to extract data from external sources – such as blog posts, consumer discussions, product reviews, patent filings and more – and transform the data into actionable and relevant insights for your business. Download our white paper for an "Under the Hood" look at the technologies that power the Signals Analytics platform, including proprietary Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms.

Schedule a demo with our solutions consultants to see what opportunities AI-powered intelligence can unlock for your brand.

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