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Color Catchers Keep Color-Blocking On Trend

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The rising trend of color-blocking is fueling rising interest in and demand for colorfast clothing and solutions to prevent color transfer. Color-blocked clothing is one of the big fashion trends of the moment.


Today, you can find color-blocked hoodies, dresses, and even curtain fabrics. Color-blocking draws on the artistic style of Piet Mondrian, among others, combining large sections of contrasting colors to make a bold style statement. But Mondrian never had to think about what happens when you machine wash his paintings.


The Impossible Advice of ‘Wash Bright Colors Separately’


In color-blocked clothing and other fabrics, sections of color are placed right next to each other, creating a high risk of colors bleeding into each other or transferring in unsightly patches. Because all the color is bright and it’s all on the same garment, it’s not possible to follow traditional laundry instructions to ‘wash bright colors separately.’

As a result, the rising trend of color-blocking is fueling rising interest in and demand for colorfast clothing and solutions to prevent color transfer. Consumer discussion around and searches for color fastness have increased over the last two years. In the US, consumer discussion about color fastness rose five-fold, and Germany has seen a similar rise in interest of around 600%. In the UK, the increase has been more modest, peaking in early 2017 and then rising and falling slightly over the next year and a half.


Consumer Discussions Over Time, Color Fastness (Q3, 2016 – Q4, 2018)


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Color Catchers


A significant slice of consumer discussion around color fastness centers around the use of “Color Catcher” laundry sheets. Color Catchers go in the washing machine to prevent color bleeding and mixing. Although Color Catchers are a branded product made by Shout, it’s becoming a generic term for laundry sheets that prevent color transfer.


In 2018, product reviews on Amazon and Walmart for Color Catchers and similar products were up by 40% from the previous year. Consumer reviews are still favorable into 2019.


Social Media Posts Over Time, Color Catcher Sheets (Q4, 2016 – Q3, 2018)


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Color Catching Competition

This increased consumer interest in Color Catchers and color catching products has encouraged competitors to produce their own versions of popular products. They’re available for sale on Amazon’s US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France sites.


Products Split by Channel and Top Brands, Color Catcher (Jan. 2016 – Sept. 2018)


Signals Playbook™ Insights


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Carbona is the next market leader, behind Shout. Carbona’s main product is its Color Grabber sheets, which also go into the washing machine with the laundry to stop color transfer. There are even home craft sites like Pinterest that guide users in the production of their own DIY sheets.


The consistent growth in discussion around color blocked clothing and fabrics has created a connected rise in interest in color catching products. This increased demand for products that prevent color transfer invites brands to step up and address the market gap.


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Written by Joseph Goldschein

CPG/F&B Business Consultant at Signals Analytics

Joseph has worked at Signals Analytics first as a Data Analyst, and now as a Business Analyst, across various industries including Baby Care, Fabric Care, and Coffee. He received his B.A. in Economics from Yeshiva University.

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