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Consumer Preferences Shift in the Body Hygiene Category Amid COVID-19 Concerns

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The Body Hygiene category has become a key part of the consumer’s arsenal against the Coronavirus. In this Rapid Insight, we delved into our advanced analytics platform to understand how COVID-19 is influencing the Body Hygiene category and what brands should be considering based on key attributes consumers are seeking now as opposed to prior to the pandemic breakout.

Advanced Analytics Yields Strategic & Tactical Outcomes

Because the platform ties together so many data sources on a continual basis, Signals Analytics is able to recognize quick shifts in consumer preferences that can impact how brand marketers position and message their products.

COVID-19 Consumer Chatter in Body Hygiene

Consumer Discussion surrounding COVID-19 has increased significantly in March 2020, with 15,947 discussions in the first half of March. COVID-19 makes up 14% of the total consumer discussions in the Body Hygiene category.


Source: Signals Analytics Body Hygiene Playbook, US Data


Consumer Preferences are Evolving as a Result of COVID-19

Outside of Antibacterial which has unsurprisingly seen a significant 253% lift in discussion, consumer interest is gravitating towards sensorial results, free from, and moisturizing ingredients.

Previously on-trend interests that were showing momentum are now taking a back seat to more top of mind concerns as the pandemic continues to rise. Consumers are turning away from more natural solutions and going back to trusted household brands to help fight off the virus.

Below, we highlight some of the key attributes we are seeing rise and fall in conversation with percent change in consumer discussion noted next to each value:


Signals Analytics Body Hygiene Playbook (Jan – Feb vs. Feb – March 15, 2020 : 30 days)


Peer reviews will continue to help drive consumer purchase decisions

As the situation continues to unfold, peer reviews will continue to help drive consumer purchase decisions. The reviews highlighted below show how consumers are perceiving products with COVID-19 concerns in mind.



Continuous Big Data Feed Helps Business Leaders Stay Informed of Market Shifts

We expect consumer conversations to continue to evolve as these challenging times continue. Monitoring these shifts in consumer preference is critical for brands to apply to product development and appropriately pivot product positioning to align with consumer concerns.

Distilling trillions of data points to detect shifts and uncover meaningful insights can only be achieved with the power of AI. The Signals Analytics platform combines the broadest range of data sets with advanced analytics to guide the strategic decision-making needed to weather the storm and drive successful business outcomes, even in these challenging times.

For more information on how to leverage the platform and extract insights pertinent to your business, contact our team of solutions experts.

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