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COVID-19: What Will the Second Half of 2020 Bring? - Part 3

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The Signals Analytics platform connects data from a variety of external and internal sources and, using patented NLP and other AI and machine learning technologies, surfaces powerful trends and predictive insights. The platform is leveraged by product innovators, data and analytics teams, consumer and market insights leaders and marketers to surface key insights that drive decisions throughout the enterprise.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our solutions teams have been tapping into the platform to identify trends and white space opportunities that have emerged as a result. By uniquely connecting multiple data sources including consumer reviews, social media, key opinion leaders (KOL), product ratings and reviews, patent information and other sources of innovation, the Signals Analytics platform has been used by tier one enterprises to guide them through this period. This week we launched a three-part blog that sums up our findings across multiple categories and their implications for the second half of this year and beyond as we enter a new phase in this crisis.

By evaluating multiple signals across the market landscape, we uncovered new trends that emerged since the start of the pandemic. We also identified trends that were disrupted by the pandemic ascendant trends that emerged before the pandemic and are expected to continue rising. Our findings are by no means exhaustive; they are representative of the insights and capabilities of the platform and demonstrate how the analytic apps are used to shine a spotlight on answers to key business questions. For more detail and to get under the hood of our platform, click here.

Part 3: Pre-COVID Ascendant Trends Expected to Continue

In the first post of this series, we discussed new trends that emerged since the start of the pandemic. Yesterday, we covered trends that were disrupted by the pandemic. For the last post of this series, we will analyze trends that were ascendant before the pandemic that we expect to continue.

There are some new trends that emerged in the food and beverage ecosystems over the last year, which were not originally related to the pandemic but seems to be picking up steam across multiple categories.

The first is fermentation. Fermented food and beverages have seen a gradual rise in the last year, with consumers looking for new and interesting flavors, as well as alternative ways to get nutrients and boost digestive and overall health. The trend has been accelerated by the current health crisis and has key associations that relate to other benefits that have been sought-after during the pandemic, namely, healthy diet and digestive health and nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins.

Fermented in Food & Beverage
Source: Food Market Overview, Beverage Market Overview

The second is collagen. Collagen continues to grow in terms of consumer and Key Opinion Leader discussions. Collagen as a form of protein is known to aid in the appearance of skin, but it is also popular in foods and drinks as an exercise recovery ingredient, improving joint and muscle health, and compatible with a keto diet.

Over the past year, posts including mentions of skin, collagen and drink have increased by 57%, within the skin ecosystem, showing the versatility of collagen across multiple verticals.

Collagen in Skincare, Food, & Beverage
To view the rest of the series, click on the links below, or get in touch with us to learn how to configure the Signals Analytics platform to meet the needs of your business.


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