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Frozen Food on the Rise as Stockpiling Ensues

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With nearly a third of the world’s population practicing social distancing, COVID-19 and the measures in place to slow the spread are impacting the Frozen Food category. Consumer preferences are changing as their lifestyle and priorities shift in response to the pandemic.

COVID-19 Sparks Discussion in Frozen Food

As consumers rush to stockpile food and supplies to prepare for social distancing and working from home, Frozen Food is seeing significant lifts in discussion associated with COVID-19. 670 Frozen Food discussions included COVID-19, making up 5.7% of total consumer discussion in the category.


Source: Signals Analytics Frozen Food Playbook, US Data


Shift in Consumer Demand As COVID-19 Storms On

Consumers are seeking benefits, features, and ingredients that provide health and nutrition in their Frozen Food products as we can see in the attributes that have been seeing lifts in consumer discussion.

Consumers are also deprioritizing other interests that have now become secondary to needs driven by the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, previously on-trend benefits like ‘Obesity & Weight Management’, ‘Digestive Health’, and ‘On-the-go’, as well as features like ‘Paleo’, ‘Locally Sourced’, and ‘Plant-Based Protein’ are showing lower levels of consumer discussion.

The chart below highlights some of the key attributes we are seeing rise and fall in conversation with percent change in consumer discussion noted next to each value:


Signals Analytics Frozen Food Playbook (Jan – Feb vs. Feb – March 15, 2020 : 30 days)


Frozen Vegetables Now Center of Plate

Frozen Vegetables are now center plate as consumers seek healthy and nutritious options for when produce may not be readily available.

However, flavor and choice are still playing a role as consumer tastes and preferences continue to influence purchase decisions.


Source: Signals Analytics Frozen Food Playbook, US Data


Uncover Market Shifts with Advanced Analytics

We expect consumer conversations to continue to evolve as these challenging times continue. Advanced analytics platforms like Signals Analytics are needed to monitor these shifts in consumer preferences to guide product development and positioning to align with evolving consumer interests.

Start leveraging advanced analytics to stay ahead of the curve. Schedule a demo with our solutions consultants to see what AI-powered intelligence can do for your brand.


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