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Surface Consumer Trends & Insights with Augmented Analytics [Ebook]

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This year has seen a remarkable confluence of market forces that are testing many business plans and strategies. Evolving tastes, rapid adoption of new consumer trends, the shift to e-commerce, the rise of DTC brands along with COVID-19, an economic recession, social unrest, and an election are making it very hard to surface consumer insights that inspire businesses to take action. The need for increased precision and innovation from consumer brands is greater than ever before. The winners will be able to stay ahead of these rapid shifts in the market with decision-making that is agile, ongoing, and data-driven.

Signals Analytics’ AI-powered platform can help boost business outcomes by leveraging breakthroughs in NLP, machine learning, and other capabilities that get into an unprecedented level of granularity, enhancing the accuracy, relevance, and utilization of augmented analytics in the enterprise.

We’ve put together an eBook that showcases the types of consumer trends and insights that would be of interest to market insights teams, brand innovators, marketers, and business strategists. The spotlight is on frozen food, but as a configurable data platform that has connected data sets covering more than 40 FMCG categories, consider it more an invitation to further explore the power of augmented analytics and what it can do for your business.

Augmented analytics has uncovered consumer trends to help frozen food brands reach their target audience.

  • Consumers want to mirror their dine-in experience with Frozen at home
  • Obesity & Weight Management is still a concern for consumers although slightly less prevalent in recent months
  • Some brands claim Obesity & Weight Management more than others but there are specific brands that are better positioned to address these needs
  • Consumers are adding ingredients to their Frozen products which can be an opportunity for cross-selling or incorporating elements of other food categories (such as shredded Parmesan and Tomato sauce) into the offering
  • Keto diet lifestyle is in demand with limited available product options

Beyond insights on the frozen food category, our new e-book demonstrates to all consumer brands the power of augmented analytics:

  • How to access early signals of innovation from new product launches, key opinion leaders, and patent filings
  • How to detect competitive shifts and what’s driving them by following changes in product claims and consumer sentiment
  • What is the best way to identify white space opportunities (hint: look across your ecosystem, not just within your category)
  • Why patented NLP is needed to accurately uncover consumer sentiment to support marketing campaigns, messaging, product formulations, and portfolio optimization
  • What is the driver of accuracy in predictive analytics?

 Download the eBook or contact us for a version that is tailored to your business.

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