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Global Health Crisis Creates New Immune Health Opportunities For Food Manufacturers

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Amid the growing COVID-19 global health crisis, consumers are obviously seeking ways to protect themselves by boosting their immune system. There is growing consumer discussion and interest around this topic and it is playing out in unexpected ways in the food ecosystem.

In this post, we examine the interplay between the food vertical and consumer sentiments in the Signals Analytics platform, to see how the desire for immune health is evolving across multiple food categories and how brands can capitalize on this underserved consumer need.

Connecting Countless External Data Sources With Advanced Analytics Tells A More Complete Story

Immune Health in the Food Ecosystem: Immune Health is a niche but emerging trend in food with 39% growth in consumer discussion and 63% increase in KOL discussion. However, less than 1% of food products claim Immune Health as a benefit. Top categories in consumer discussion include Baby Food, Dairy, Sugar, Sweeteners & Syrups, Meat, Poultry & Seafood, and Dry Food.


Source: Signals Analytics Food Market Overview, US Data


Immune Health Remains Under-Addressed: In one of the more interesting visualizations our advanced analytics platform offers, we examined the volume of consumer discussion with products in-market claiming Immune Health as a benefit. Given the former parameter is high and the latter is low, we can conclude that Immune Health is an under-addressed need among consumers and a significant white space opportunity for food manufacturers to capitalize on.


Source: Signals Analytics Food Market Overview, US Data


Baby Food Leading the Pack for Immune Health: Analyzing the distribution of Immune Health products, consumer discussions, and KOL discussions across food categories shows Baby Food as the clear market leader.

Breaking down the numbers, we find that although Baby Food has by far the largest share of products claiming Immune Health benefits at 72%, consumer discussion levels across food categories show a more even distribution with Baby Food at 27%. There is an even larger gap when comparing product claims to KOL discussions.

This creates a unique opportunity for these categories adjacent to Baby Food to take learnings from Baby Food and apply them to their own during these times of high demand for improved immunity and health.


Source: Signals Analytics Food Market Overview, US Data


Key Attributes Associated with Immune Health in Baby Food: Companies can benefit by analyzing how Immune Health has played out in Baby Food and capitalize on these successes in their own product development and messaging. Cross-pollinating in this way empowers brands to drive innovation within their category while effectively mitigating risk.

The map below shows the key product attributes closely associated with Immune Health in Baby Food. The thickness of the connecting lines indicate the strength of connection, while the color of the circles indicate the sentiment score. Other food categories can adopt these proven successes from the adjacent Baby Food category to drive innovation within their category while effectively mitigating risk.

Antibacterial+by+Body+Care+Solution+Type (1)

Source: Signals Analytics Food Market Overview, US Data


The Value of Advanced Analytics

Understanding the dynamics and interactions across your ecosystem is a major growth opportunity. However, harnessing this competitive advantage can be a challenge in a constantly evolving landscape with trillions of data points across disparate categories, data types, and sources. Collecting all of this data in a single platform is an overwhelming feat in itself. However, distilling this vast amount of data into actionable intelligence to drive your business forward is where the true value of advanced analytics lies.

The Signals Analytics platform empowers CPG and Food & Beverage companies to uncover key trends and guide strategic activation on these opportunities for successful business outcomes.

See our infographic on the established, emerging, and white space topics surrounding COVID-19 and read about our methodology in extracting these insights.

Join us for a webinar on Monday, April 6 hosted by Andy Walter, Strategic Advisor FMCG and presented by Rigo Viezca, Director FMCG at Signals Analytics. In this webinar, we will explore how to use advanced analytics to uncover value across the entire food and beverage ecosystem by capturing the signals that exist across different categories.

Connect with us to understand how we can help you identify the potential opportunities that are emerging in your business.

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