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How Innovation In Water Is Disrupting The Beverage Category

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The beverage industry is rapidly innovating, and there are clear signals that the water category is being redefined. From carbonated soft drinks (CSD) to energy drinks to everything in between.

The water category as we know it has been in flux over the last decade. New rising stars are re-shaping this fluid ecosystem and redefining the way in which we think about water. Key themes of health and wellbeing have led to the rise of new product lines giving more hydration options. Within health and wellness, fresh trends are emerging to respond to new needs, focusing particularly on mental health and wellbeing.

 The Reshaping of Water

How Innovation In Water Is Disrupting The Beverage Category


Everyone is Going Keto


The new hype around ketogenic diets isn’t excluding water. In fact, it makes sense that keto followers would be concerned about their hydration levels. Dehydration is a known side effect of ketogenic diets due to many factors, including high salt intake. Keto dieters therefore require adequate water consumption. However, what matters is not only daily hydration amounts, but also the composition of the water intake, including levels of electrolytes and magnesium.


Unmet Consumer Needs in the Water (US Data) – Ketogenic


Signals Playbook™ Insights


Consumer Discussions Over Time in Water (2016-2018) – Ketogenic


Signals Playbook™ Insights


In terms of electrolytes, there are a number of products in the market offering high electrolytes and marketed as such. This space is currently trending and the market has followed.


Consumer Discussions Around High Electrolytes vs. Companies Offering Waters with High Electrolytes


Signals Playbook™ Insights



Signals Playbook™ spotted the ultimate keto-friendly water

Bulletproof FATwater by Orchard Hill seems to have it all. It is labeled as sugar-free, containing ketogenic brain octane oil and B vitamins. Source


The beverage category is rapidly innovating to adapt its offerings to the needs of today’s consumers. We are witnessing a surge of demand for health and wellbeing products, which is being further refined by an overarching desire for mental wellness. Within the beverage category, water is indeed the leader of the pack in terms of innovation. Don’t miss the other trends we see emerging in Water.


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