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Interest In CD47 Continues To Rise

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In June 2018, we published an article showing the rapid growth of research for CD47, or the "Don't Eat Me" molecule. In that piece, we predicted that this growth would continue to rise in the future. Were we right?


As we’re a few months into 2019, we thought it would be valuable to check back in on the progress of CD47. What did we find? We’re happy to report that the increase in interest around CD47 we saw in 2018 is actualized in 2019, with patent numbers almost double what they were last year.

It is also interesting to note the high percentage of research being conducted by companies, as opposed to sole researchers and research institutes. This is quite unusual for an early ecosystem, and further pinpoints CD47 as being a strong opportunity. 


CD47 patents are increasing


CD47 patents in cancer by year


Despite poor results by Celgene and Surface Oncology, we see a number of interesting developments over the last year that indicate CD47’s potential:


This high level of industry activity reflects significant excitement around the CD47 pathway, which looks likely to increase still further over the coming year.


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Written by Naomi Bassan, MSc

Healthcare Business Consultant.
Naomi has been working at Signals for over 4 years and has been involved in many projects from initial data collection all the way through to data analysis and insight generation. She holds an MSc in biology from Bar-Ilan University, where her research focused on cancer drug delivery systems.

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