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Part 4: Brand & Marketing

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On this week’s blog, we are looking at how organizations leverage configurable data platforms like Signals Analytics to increase the impact that analytics has in driving optimal business decisions. We will spotlight how different stakeholders interact with the platform, as it gets deployed across an enterprise organization to support various departmental needs and business objectives.

So far we’ve covered data and analytics, consumer and market insights and product innovation. For the last installment of the series, we are spotlighting brand and marketing.

Today’s Spotlight: Brand & Marketing

Marketing leaders today are operating under extremely challenging circumstances. Budgets are tight, traditional sources of intelligence are closing within walled gardens, and marketers are expected to drive growth, not just manage their brand reputations. Marketing decisions tend to be made based on internal, marketing analytics as opposed to data coming from external sources that provide a deep understanding of consumer motivation, sentiment and long-term needs and wants. Marketers and brand managers leverage Signals Analytics to better define their strategies and to optimize marketing campaign and messaging. They translate the market intelligence into marketing activation. Here’s how:

Boost discoverability with market basket intelligence combined with category share data and find upsell opportunities that increase impressions of your advertised assortment. For example, COVID-19 is pushing immune health as a number one priority for consumers. Analytic models like the below can surface the brands pursuing immune health in their product messaging. By connecting product claims, consumer discussion volume, and consumer sentiment in one view, brands are able to gain a more holistic view of their consumer and market.


Designate holistic and realistic campaign KPIs within a competitor landscape to set benchmarks. This is done by collecting and classifying a myriad of data sets and analyzing how benefits are actually perceived by looking at keyword usage, social media awareness, mentions, product reviews, sales volume, averages of consumer satisfaction, sentiment, and needs.


Gain early detection of seasonal or event-based search trends at your retailers so you can adjust your ad spend towards maximizing opportunity and reducing waste. This is done by comparing brand performance by channel (e.g., Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sephora, Ulta Beauty and more, as well as higher-funnel touchpoints like social media, search engines, and content publishers), according to consumer awareness, customer satisfaction and alignment of consumer needs against product availability.



Applying these types of external data-driven insights helps marketers ensure that the business side is connected to what they are doing, driving efficiency and clarity to the enterprise as a whole. To see how Signals Analytics can boost your marketing outcomes, schedule a demo with one of our solution experts.


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