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Predicted Trends for Prime Day 2021

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Believe it or not, Prime Day 2021 is almost upon us, a mere seven months after Prime Day 2020. Last year’s hotly anticipated shopping event, which usually happens in July, was delayed to October due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With shoppers stuck at home and more comfortable than ever with online shopping, Prime Day 2020 was a record-breaker. Sales were up 45.2% compared to Prime Day 2019, with more than $10.4B in transactions. 

This year, Prime Day is scheduled for two days and it’s coming a little earlier than usual: June 21 and 22.

What deals will consumers look for this year? Signals Analytics’ powerful data analytics platform has generated a few predictions:

Electronics, home entertainment, and gaming deals are hotly anticipated. At the end of Q1 2021, consumer discussions around electronics and Prime Day increased 200% MoM. Brands like LG, Sony, and Theater Solutions are dominating these discussions (and providing competitors with good examples of the types of promotions and messaging that are resonating with customers). Conversations about sustainability in the consumer electronics market have increased 221%, indicating a new focus for consumers and a new marketing opportunity for electronics brands that want to stand out for this specific benefit. 

On the performance side, battery life and charging speed are getting more and more mentions in Amazon product reviews, especially for Apple, Samsung, and Beats products. Gaming saw a huge increase in popularity throughout the pandemic; today, the primary “occasion” that consumers associate with Prime Day is gaming, so you can count on plenty of interest from deal-seeking customers. 

Consumers are ready to buy apparel again - and they’re looking for deals. An analysis of 15.9M consumer discussions and 14.2M reviews over the last 12 months shows that there’s been a 41% increase in consumer discussions mentioning both apparel and Prime Day. Maternity wear in particular has seen a 600% increase in recent consumer discussions, despite the baby bust of 2020 - perhaps a post-COVID baby boom is on the way! Few brands market maternity styles on Amazon, so the players in this space are likely to get a lot of attention. 

As with electronics, sustainability is a new and growing focus of consumer discussions around apparel. Over the last 12 months, general sustainability discussions are up 348% while sustainable materials, such as jute and organza, have 2,000% more mentions. Technical fabrics are getting attention, too; consumers have shown increased interest in new benefits in the apparel space: fast-dry clothing, impact absorption, heavyweight materials, and ride-up prevention.

Beverage deals are less of a focus for consumers this Prime Day. Since this time last year, consumer discussions that mention both beverages and Prime Day have fallen 32% overall. However, interest is rising for both coffee and nutrition drinks; these types of beverages are typically on the higher end of the price spectrum, so consumers may be looking for deals. 

The brands that already use Signals Analytics to generate rich insights have had access to these predictions (and many more) for months already, and they’ve tailored their Prime Day deals and messaging to meet consumers’ needs and expectations. How would your Prime Day product development and marketing plans change if you knew what trends would be on the rise a year from now? To start planning for Prime Day 2022 success now, get in touch.

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