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Social Distancing & Working From Home Changes the Landscape for Snacks

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Consumers are bracing for the long haul as COVID-19 continues to permeate our lives. As more consumers adopt social distancing practices and work from home, how are these changes in consumer behavior translating into eating preferences? We dove into our advanced analytics platform to answer this question. What we found are significant shifts in snacking habits as consumers adjust to the constraints stemming from COVID-19.

COVID-19 Consumer Chatter in Sweet & Savory Snacks

Comparing the volume of discussion surrounding COVID-19 in the Sweet & Savory Snacks category, we saw 226 discussions in the month of January when COVID-19 starting to gain attention in the media, compared to 2,048 discussions in just the first-half of March 2020, nine times higher than the whole month of January.


Source: Signals Analytics Sweet & Savory Snacks Playbook, January – March 15, 2020, US Data


A Shift in Consumer Snacking?

Consumers Seeking Longevity & Comfort Foods

The benefits and features showing the highest growth include “Extended Shelf Life”, “Relax & Unwind”, and “Contains CBD/Cannabis Infused”. With uncertainty around the full impact and duration of COVID-19, what this tells us is that consumers are seeking comfort-food and products that will last a long time.


Source: Signals Analytics Sweet & Savory Snacks Playbook, Comparing March 1st to 15th versus January 1st to 15th, 2020, US Data


Are Consumers Ditching Their Diets Altogether Amidst the Global Crisis?

Decrease in discussion surrounding Healthy Diet, Reduced Calorie, and Sugar Free point to a decline in consumer interest around healthy diet as non-perishable and longevity become top of mind. On-the-Go and Travel Friendly are also declining in discussion volume as many consumers are practicing social distancing and now working from home.


Source: Signals Analytics Sweet & Savory Snacks Playbook, Comparing March 1st to 15th versus January 1st to 15th, 2020, US Data


Stay Ahead of the Curve with Advanced Analytics

Despite all of the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, the data is clear. Changes in consumer behaviors and preferences are reflected and quantifiable in the data. In times of chaos and turbulence, data is even more crucial to navigate strategic imperatives with an objective lens. With Signals Analytics’ advanced analytics platform, companies are armed with powerful insights that  guide product development and positioning through these volatile times. The on-demand platform is refreshed regularly to surface evolving trends. By aligning consumer sentiment with targeted messages, brands will have a better shot at not only retaining loyalty but in reaching out to new audiences. 

To see advanced analytics in action, schedule a demo with one of our solutions consultants.

For even more actionable insights surrounding COVID-19, see our infographic on the established, emerging, and white space topics surrounding COVID-19.

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