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Start-Ups Are Bringing A Personalized DTC Experience To 4th Wave Coffee

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Consumer discussion around whole coffee beans has been ongoing for the last few years. Following on from the ‘3rd wave of coffee,’ which approached coffee as an artisanal product, there has been a much sharper rise in consumer interest, termed the ‘4th wave of coffee’, which focuses on the coffee's origin.


Consumer Discussion Whole Coffee Beans (US Data)


Source: Signals Playbook™ Insights


Coffee aficionados are eager to probe the origins, processing, and unique flavor of different whole coffee beans in order to discover their own favorite bean. As consumers become more familiar with the varying flavors of coffee beans, they demand a specialized experience that is customized to their tastes and preferences.

Two startups are tapping into and furthering this trend for personalized coffee. Trade coffee uses a questionnaire to identify your ideal bean and roast. Driftaway provides a specialist subscription service that delivers four different types of coffee beans every month. In both cases, fresh roasted beans are shipped direct to the client for a personalized, whole bean cup of joe.



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