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Top 5 Emerging CPG Trends For 2019

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These days, we have more product choices than ever – and more ways to purchase them. Our knowledge of our favorite purchases is increasing as well, because brands are more willing to share what makes up their products. In fact, listing ingredients has proven to be a successful way forward for most brands to win the hearts and minds of consumers.

Various consumer trends emerge over time in any market ecosystem, which is normal and healthy. But this can pose a real threat to brands if they are caught flat-footed. The challenge for brands is the ability to see these trends coming and then act on them before their competitors do. It really comes down to one of the oldest adages in business: know your customers and watch your competition.

Using Signals Analytics’ on-demand platform that collects and contextualizes trillions of external data points, we’ve taken the liberty of exploring the CPG space (including F&B), to present what we see as the key emerging trends that will take off in 2019.


Top 5 Emerging CPG Trends For 2019


A Higher Interest Level In Cannabis


The Trend

Hemp and specifically cannabidiol (CBD) are now everywhere! Together with legalization, there is a growing awareness of the benefits of the plants’ derivatives as we all search to improve our health with a more holistic approach.

According to GlobalData Consumer, consumers are now more concerned about mental well-being than physical fitness. Hemp and CBD are a great fit. They are associated by consumers with a relaxing feeling – though it has no psychoactive effect – and hence presents a unique messaging opportunity in a world dominated by increased stress and fatigue. Also, these wonder plants have other health benefits, ranging from vascular to degenerative diseases.


The Signals

In Skin Care and Cosmetics, there have been recent launches ranging from niche to mainstream. Estee Lauder’s Origins BrandHello, Calm mask, is formulated with non-intoxicating cannabis sativa seed oil from hemp. Not only does it hydrate the skin but also “soothe, calm, and help in de-stressing the senses.” The benefits claimed by hemp and CBD in Skin Care products include anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory to treat conditions such as psoriasis and acne, moisturizing to treat dry skin, and eczema.


KUSH high Volume Mascara seems to encompass it all. Not only does it promise to condition lashes and provide smooth application enabled by hemp-derived cannabis oil, it is also vegan and cruelty-free.


CBD and Hemp are starting to emerge in F&B


Sampled Data – Consumer Discussion Over Time Around Hemp in Chocolate

chart01-original-edit (1)

Sampled Data – Consumer Discussion Over Time Around Hemp In Coffee


Consumer Unmet Needs In Water (US Data)


Hemp in the US is being widely discussed in the Water category, with positive sentiment. Yet, there are very few products in market currently offering this ingredient, indicating a clear white space.


Trendspotting: Expectations for 2019

While hemp has been a part of non-food categories for a long time, we see the evolution of this trend across various F&B industries, led by small and young brands.

This trend should continue growing in 2019, spilling into more and more categories. Specifically, we anticipate a rapid expansion in Snacks and Confectionary.

Don’t miss the full list of the Top 5 Emerging CPG Trends for 2019.


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