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Normally, Thanksgiving Day is a holiday during which friends and family come together to celebrate their blessings over the past year.  However, with an increasing number of stay-at-home orders, limitations on indoor gatherings and other COVID-related restrictions amid a nationwide surge in coronavirus cases, this Thanksgiving holiday promises to be like none other. 

We asked our solution experts to dig into the advanced analytics platform and see what consumers are saying and prioritizing in terms of their planning and what will be on their holiday table. Their findings underscored the importance of connecting multiple data sets – sales data, social listening, product reviews, product listings and more – to establish a true view of what is really happening in the market at this unusual time.

In this e-book, we uncover:

  • What consumers are searching for this Thanksgiving holiday;
  • Main product claims that are resonating with consumers; 
  • Key consumer concerns as they pick products to buy;
  • How the pandemic changed consumers’ priorities, in what they are buying online versus in-store for the holiday;  
  • Which of these trends are specific to the holiday and which are sustainable over the long term into the post COVID-19 era.

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