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Under the Hood: The World of Data & Analytics

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The world of data and analytics is rapidly expanding and has claimed its spot as an undeniable must-have in any business leader’s arsenal, especially with the massive impact COVID-19 has had on the world.

In this podcast, our Chief Marketing Officer, Frances Zelazny interviews our VP of Research & Development, Yoram Landau to go under the hood of our latest NLP breakthroughs and platform enhancements and how they address the key obstacles of advanced analytics.

Listen as they cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Challenges and opportunities organizations face in the rapidly growing world of data and analytics, external versus internal data, and extracting value from unstructured data
  • Our latest NLP and machine learning breakthroughs - from product clustering and brand refinement to data mart and API integrations - and how they’re impacting the accuracy, usability, and openness of data and analytics
  • Under the hood perspective of the inner workings of advanced analytics and our data fabric
  • How to leverage advanced analytics even without an army of data science, machine learning, and analyst expertise
  • A sneak peek of what’s coming next
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These are exciting times for data and analytics as the industry continues to push the limits with cutting-edge breakthroughs. With these technological advancements, we bring context and value to unstructured and disparate data that was previously unused and meaningless without proper extraction and enrichment. Organizations able to tap into this will be able to distill the actionable intelligence needed to make smart, data-driven business decisions.

For more information on our latest platform enhancements, read the full press release here.

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